Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things I Adore: My Kitchen!

This editionof things I adore is all in my kitchen! My kitchen is TURQUOISE and PINK! We have dubbed it my "Cupcake Kitchen" because I may be a tad obsessed with cupcakes. My walls are turquoise with pink accessories and accents. I love my kitchen. It SCREAMS "Lauren was here!!" which I love! Here are a few of my favorite things in here:

My Pink Glass Collection
My Turquoise Platter, a gift from Chef E Blackhurst
(Isn't it amazing?? I keep fruit on it so I can keep it out for all to see!)

My Tissue Paper Heart, made by my fabulous artist, Peyton.
This is on my cabinet door by my stove so I see it constantly!
My Balsamic, Sesame Oil and E.V.O.O.
I use these so frequently I don't even put them back up in the cupboard!
My Condiment Shelf in the Fridge
I almost always keep Anchovies (for my homemade Caesar), Ginger Dressing (from Hibachi, of course!), Minced Garlic, Sauerkraut, Capers, Horseradish and Soy Vay. I suggest these as essentials in every kitchen!

My Veggie Drawer!
We are veggie fanatics! I love coming home & opening my veg drawer to decide whats for dinner. Most times I know sides before I know my main course! We eat a LOT of asparagus, mung bean sprouts, peppers, onions, brussel sprouts, carrots and cabbage.

My cheese drawer is almost always overflowing from all of our different cheeses! We eat cheese with most every meal! My favorites are Drunken Goat, any Blue, Sage Derby and Boursin. But I love finding new cheeses and new ways to use old favorites!

I hope you enjoyed the mini-tour! See you soon with a fabulous recipe!

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